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About The Author

Brandon Neill is a VMware Certified Instructor and Consultant. He specializes in NSX and vRealize Automation. In addition to teaching Official VMware Classes, he provides contract training and consulting services.


vRealize Automation 8.0

What's New

This is taken straight from the Release notes, I will add my notes as I explore the new features.

  • Modern Platform using Kubernetes based micro-services architecture that provides
  • Simple install footprint for both non-HA and HA configurations
  • Scalable to meet modern workload challenges
  • Easy to setup and consume multi-cloud infrastructure surface
  • API-first approach to deliver cloud automation
  • Deliver Infrastructure-as-Code using a declarative YAML syntax
  • Iterative development of blueprints
  • Cloud Agnostic Blueprints
  • Collaboration across teams via sharing of objects
  • Self-service catalog coupled with agile governance
  • Simple policies
  • Native support for SPBM policies
  • Deploy IPv6 workloads on dual-stack IP (IPv4/ IPv6) networks in vSphere
  • CI/CD pipeline and automated application release management
  • Kubernetes/container management
  • New Action based extensibility (ABX), which allows you to write lightweight scripts, using node.js and python.
  • Git Integration to manage all blueprints, workflows, actions and pipelines.
  • Workload on-boarding with existing data center VMs
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