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-====== ​Travelling Techie ​====== +====== ​Welcome ​====== 
-===== Adventures in VMware ​===== +I've never cared much for the blog format, so when I started writing online I decided to create a wiki instead. ​ There will be some articles as well, but most information will be hierarchically written to (hopefully) make it easier to find.  This is very much still a work in progress but I'm adding new information all the time.  My primary areas of focus are vSphere Networking and NSX, with vRealize Automation thrown in there too.  There will also be a smattering of general vSphere knowledge and maybe even some storage. ​ I've also included information for students taking one of my [[VMware Classes]] or watching one of my [[Lynda Classes]]. 
 +===== Other Projects ​===== 
 +  * [[Public:​Online Shopping]] ​ (Where to go instead of Amazon) 
 +===== Tags ===== 
 +===== Recent Changes ===== 
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 +===== About The Author ===== 
 +[[Brandon Neill]] is a VMware Certified Instructor and Consultant. ​ He specializes in NSX and vRealize Automation. ​ In addition to teaching Official VMware Classes, he provides contract training and consulting services. ​
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