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Brandon Neill is a VMware Certified Instructor and Consultant. He specializes in NSX and vRealize Automation. In addition to teaching Official VMware Classes, he provides contract training and consulting services.


MacOS Keyboard Shortcuts

I create MacOS Keyboard shortcuts to use with the Macro keys on my Kinesis keyboard. Be careful to avoid standard Keyboard shortcuts

Launch an application

  1. Use Automator to create a “Quick Action” (used to be called services I think)
  2. Select “Launch Appplication” from the Library
  3. Save with meaningful name
  4. Go to System Preferences - Keyboard
  5. Go to Shortcuts tab, find under “services”
  6. Add new shortcut command, it can be long (ie shift-cmd-option-a)

In Kinesis Keyboard App

  1. Select Profile and Key
  2. click on Macro
  3. Enter same shortcut command in to Macro Editor
  4. Save Macro
  5. Save Profile
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