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Brandon Neill is a VMware Certified Instructor and Consultant. He specializes in NSX and vRealize Automation. In addition to teaching Official VMware Classes, he provides contract training and consulting services.


IP Address Schema

New Schema

  • starship_mgmt (management, untagged, VLAN 110)
  • starship (public, tagged, VLAN 210)
  • starship_kids (kids, tagged, VLAN 220)
  • starship_guest (guests, client isolation, tagged, VLAN 310)
  • starship_iot (Internet of Things, tagged, VLAN 510)
  • starships (secure, MAC restricted, VPN, VLAN 410)

Management (VLAN 110) (

Public (VLAN 210) (

Kids (VLAN 220) (

IP AddressSystemLinkTags
Nothing found

Guest (VLAN 310) (

IP AddressSystemLinkTags
Nothing found

Secure (VLAN 410) (

IP AddressSystemLinkTags
Nothing found

IOT (VLAN 510) (

LAB (VLAN 610) (

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